A Great Grab-and-Go Bag

I have been out only a handful of times in the past year, but when I have had to go somewhere, I have not been reaching for any of my usual handbags. At first, it started out as a safety thing – I didn’t want to have to worry about having more things that could possibly get “contaminated” and need to be cleaned when I got home. But then it was just something that I ended up really liking. I didn’t need to have 10 lip products on me all the time, and I just didn’t need as much stuff with me all the time since I wasn’t going out for hours at a time. I just wanted to grab something small that fit the necessities.

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is on a rooftop parking lot. Behind her is the blue sky and some buildings. She's wearing a cream and black wrap/cape, and holding a deep grey patent clutch in her hands.

Last year when MZ Wallace was having a sale, I scooped up this mini clutch/crossbody (even though at the time I had nowhere to take it!), and I’m thanking past me all the time for buying it when I did! It has been the perfect bag for these shorter trips out, when I just need a few items.

A deep gray patent mini clutch from MZ Wallace sits next to a Starbucks cup on a metal porch table.

Even though it looks small, it can fit quite a bit. My phone, my card case (for cash, credit cards, and insurance cards), hand sanitizer, AirPods, and a lip balm all fit with no problem, and my keys fit too (on a small keychain). There’s an outside zip pocket to add another spot for something small, too. I especially love that the outside is patent, because it’s something I can easily wipe clean if I’m worried that I set it somewhere dirty (or germy, right now). However, they also offer this gorgeous blue and white print option, which I’m obviously now obsessed with.

My other favorite feature is the option of making the bag a crossbody, or having a small, handheld chain. I know crossbody is convenient for most people, but I like to hang my bag on my wheelchair controller, and the short chain is the absolute perfect length for that! It’s actually pretty challenging to find the right strap handle that fits well on my controller, so that was a major plus for me to find one that’s so perfect.

Right now, I’m just using it for my small, limited outings, but I think it’ll also be super great for travel, too. Whether I’m driving or flying, I like to have a small bag/clutch that holds my essentials so I can find and access them easily, and that I can throw in my larger travel bag too. This bag is perfect for that, and is something I’d want to use on my trip, too, which makes packing so much easier. Just thinking about this makes me so excited about the thought of traveling again!

If you’re like me and find yourself reaching for a smaller bag more and more often, I think this is such a great option. If you know you’re more of a crossbody person and want just a little bit more space, there’s also the Metro Crossbody. Whichever style you end up going with, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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