These past few months have been forcing me to think a lot about balance. I’ve been thinking about balance because my calendar has really been filling up. I mentioned in this post what I have going on, and while they’re all things I’m excited about, and happy to be a part of, they’re also commitments that take time! Plus, I started my semester with a trip to NYC, and have a trip to DC coming up… and I know when I get back from that, there will be school deadlines looming, and then the holidays. I don’t want to get overwhelmed thinking about and planning out my schedule, but I still have to make sure I’m staying on top of everything.

So to stay sane, I’m trying to think of balance in fluid terms. Not splitting my time evenly between work and fun every day – some days are going to be busier than others. I don’t think anyone’s life is ever perfectly balanced – that’s not achievable, and not what I’m trying to strive for! But I want to make sure I’m not totally neglecting one part of my life, whether it’s work, school, my social life, or this blog.

The first step to making sure I stay relatively balanced is making sure I’m on top of my calendar. It really helps me feel calmer and more relaxed when I know what I have going on, and any deadlines or events that are coming up. That way, when I want to add something to my calendar, I know whether or not I should say yes!

I’m also trying to be better about getting the sleep I know I need each night. As much as I love sleep, it’s so easy to spend 30 more minutes each night finishing up a blog post, or finishing up a TV show, or working on an assignment. But I know, personally, that getting more sleep helps me feel happier and more productive. So I’m trying hard not to let sleep be the first thing I let go when I’m trying to find my balance!

I also am trying to remember that I need “me time.” I really need 30 minutes before sleep every night not doing anything, just relaxing and winding down. I also need some weekends without plans! I’ve been hearing about so many fun events, and love sharing them here – but I also really love weekends without plans, so that I can relax and enjoy my time off.

 Clearly, this is still a work in progress for me, but I think it’s something a lot of people struggle with, so I wanted to share my thoughts and would love to hear yours!

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