Amazon Prime Day 2020

 Happy Prime Day! Today and tomorrow is Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale. I was going through my orders to figure out what I wanted to share today, and realized that there was… a lot. So I’m going to split it up into tech things, and non-tech (and pretty random) things.

Tech-Related Products

Prime Day is a great day to pick up the tech you’ve had your eye on, but haven’t been ready to bite the bullet and make the purchase. Amazon always has great days on Prime Day (especially on their own products), and it’s the best time to buy. I’m including a lot of smart home things, which (I think) only makes sense since we’re all at home so much.

Echo Show
I love my Echo Show! We actually have a few all over the house. I have one in my room, but it’s also great for in the kitchen, because you can watch/read a recipe on the screen. I also love how many other smart home devices I can control with the Show and my voice. I can’t recommend this enough!

Fire Stick
A great, easy to use device to make any TV a smart TV. I have both the Apple TV and the Fire Stick, and the Fire Stick is way more affordable without losing much functionality. Plus, you can easily move it from TV to TV without much setup.

Ring Doorbell
We only installed this a few months ago, and now I can’t imagine not having it. In the age of contactless delivery, this makes things SO much easier – I get an alert on the Ring app whenever Postmates/groceries/etc. are delivered, so I can be sure the food isn’t sitting outside for too long.


Echo Dot
If you want an Echo but don’t want something as big as the Show, the Dot is the perfect alternative. It’s small and unobtrusive, but still controls all your smart devices and lets Alexa answer all of your questions (like when I ask her what the weather is 10 times a day).

Smart Plug
An easy way to upgrade things you already own and make them “smart.” You can plug a lamp, or a space heater, or whatever you want directly into this plug, and then they’re controllable through the Alexa or the app. Super convenient!

I wrote a whole post about this, I love it so much! While I bought it for outside use, it can totally be used inside, too – perfect for a cozy movie night.

Non-Tech Products

 This is really just a collection of my favorite things from recent Amazon purchases. There’s not much rhyme or reason to it!


Airtight Coffee Canister
When I started buying my coffee beans locally earlier this year, I realized I needed a convenient way to store them. This little coffee canister is perfect – simple, but airtight so the beans stay fresher longer.

Cheese Board
Another item that I have a whole post about! Love this cheese board – it’s so fun to be able to label the cheeses/spreads/meats, and it holds a decent number of things. Plus it just looks so chic!

Cedar Rings
I learned first hand how important it is to protect your cashmere from moths (an expensive mistake!). Some people use mothballs, but I like these cedar rings – I just scatter them throughout the boxes that I use to store my cashmere in. It’s a lot cheaper than a cedar chest!

Roxy The Last Unisaurus Rex
I think all of Eva Chen’s children’s books are so great – I gift them to all my friends’ kids! This is her most recent release, which I shipped directly to a friend for her son. I love sending books as kids gifts, because honestly I don’t think you can ever have too many.

Chom Chom Pet Hair Remover
Okay this has a super strange name, but it really works. It’s a lint roller, but instead of having that sticky paper, it collects the hair and then you empty it. It’s so easy to use and works SO well – we have two long haired cats, and we always have hair everywhere that we need to deal with.

I’ve been using this basically daily when I take my coffee outside, because it insulates it so well and keeps it warm for hours. It also works on iced drinks (and cocktails!) too.

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