Friday Favorites

The first week back after a vacation always feels so rough to me, and this one feels especially strange knowing that I’ll be heading to Ohio in a few weeks for Ms. Wheelchair USA! I’ve got a lot to do before then, so it’s looking like it’s going to be a busy time.

I have more videos than usual for you this week – like I said, it’s been rough!

  • Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke
    I mean, I love all of the videos in the carpool karaoke series, but this one is obviously an instant classic. There’s a lot more than just karaoke in it – there’s also a lot of Beatles history – and it’s definitely worth a watch.

  • A “How She Gets It Done” Article
    I love these peeks into other people’s lives, and how they get things done while also balancing their personal lives and other commitments. I thought this one was an especially fun read, but you should check out the whole series, too.

  • Crosswalk the Musical
    Another late-night sketch that I always love – the Crosswalk the Musical segments. This one has a guest appearance by Andrew Lloyd Webber, so I had to watch! My sister and I, plus my friend and my friend’s sister, had a period of time where we were OBSESSED with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, so I was extra excited to hear that song included!

  • Post-Gazette Article about Straw Bans
    It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include this article that I was interviewed for about the straw bans sweeping the nation. I know that I’ve already shared my thoughts on this topic on the blog, but I was really glad to be able to take part in the conversation for the article, and wanted to share.

  • Expanding Access to Opioid Addiction Treatment
    This article in The New York Times is a really important read about the current state of access to opioid addiction treatment. Currently, it’s easier to get opioids than to get treatment for addiction, and it’s easier for a doctor to write a prescription for opioids than to write a prescription for medications that can help treat addiction. That’s a huge issue, and the crisis isn’t going to get better until we fix that imbalance.

  • Anastasia duet
    Ending on a lighter note – this duet between the actresses who voice(d) Anastasia on stage and screen made me so happy! I have every word to this song memorized, and it’s amazing to see past and present collide. As an added bonus, the harmonizing that goes on is so good!

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