Friday Favorites

This week was rough – we had so many dark, dreary days and it just makes it so hard for me to feel motivated! We did have a few minutes of sunshine here and there, though, and I made sure to take advantage when I could! I keep reminding myself to really lean in to the cozy rather than perseverating over being “stuck” inside. Some days it works better than others!

On to this week’s favorites.

ChappyWrap Warehouse Sale

My absolute favorite blankets are on sale through the 22nd! Make sure you use the code EXTRA10 for an additional 10% off the already on sale prices. I have this pretty blue print, and you can’t go wrong with this classic beige herringbone print either. Honestly – you can’t go wrong with any of them! They’re just the best… I think I have over five of them now, and have gifted many of them to friends too.

Cup of Tea with Prince Harry

Okay, this interview with Prince Harry, which you can read on the writer’s Substack, is one of the best I’ve read! She has a prior relationship with Prince Harry, and you can tell – she asks some great questions, and gets some really good, personal answers! If you’ve read Spare, I highly recommend reading this interview, too.

Ode to The Cheesecake Factory

While I tend to go to non-chain restaurants when I can, The Cheesecake Factory will always have my heart. This article totally backs up my love! I honestly this it’s incredibly impressive that for a menu of that size (it is basically short story length!), they cook everything in the kitchen from scratch. And while the cheesecakes themselves are not made in house… they’re still delicious, so I don’t care!

Glamour UK‘s Self-Love Issue

Glamour UK recently did a self-love issue, and all three of their digital cover stars were powerhouse women with disabilities. You should absolutely read all three of them, but I especially loved this line from Ellie Darby-Prangnell: I’ve never loved myself more than when I’m surrounded by other Disabled people.” The power of community is so, so strong!

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