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As strange as it was to have the Fourth of July holiday fall in the middle of the week, it definitely made the second half of the week go very quickly!

If you didn’t catch it on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, I got to spend my Fourth walking in the Brentwood Fourth of July parade as Ms. Wheelchair PA USA. I used to go to this parade every year as a kid, so it was really exciting to be able to actually be in it! It was a crazy hot day, but really fun nonetheless.

 I wasn’t online as much as usual this week because of the holiday, so today’s post is shorter than usual.

  • The Handmaid’s TaleI don’t have a link to this one, because it’s a Hulu series, but if you haven’t been watching it, you should start ASAP! Season 2 is currently airing, so you don’t have too much to catch up on. It’s a dark show, based on the Margaret Atwood novel with the same title. It was written years ago, but still feels relevant – it can be rough to watch, but I really think it’s worth it.


  • Exfoliating for the Best SkinI loved this article in The New York Times about exfoliation, because using a chemical exfoliant has made such a difference in my skin. My favorite is this Paula’s Choice one, but the article does a great job about talking about the different types.


  • Jacqueline Kennedy’s Notes Found
    My favorite parts of history are the personal touches – the everyday things that come to have historical significance after the fact. Jackie Kennedy’s packing notes for her trip capture all of that – they mean so much now, but surely she never would have imagined they’d mean anything to anyone at all as she was writing them. This article shows the notes, but also talks about ownership of historical documents and who is allowed to see them.

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