Friday Favorites

I seriously cannot believe it’s already August. July flew by, and as much as I look forward to September (my birthday month!), I’m definitely not ready for summer to end.

This week was also a busy one for me – I had something going on every night after work! Maybe for some people, that sounds like their idea of a perfect week… but I definitely need more time to wind down and relax after work. Next week, I’m headed to see Taylor Swift in concert, which I’ve been looking forward to for months!

Here’s what I’ve been loving this week…

Seaglass Carousel
I recently started watching the show Younger, and am now obsessed. The latest episode had a scene at the Seaglass Carousel in NYC. I immediately searched for it online to make sure it was real – it is, and it looks just as amazing as it did in the show. I also found out that they also have spots on the carousel that are wheelchair friendly, so now it’s on my must-do list whenever I’m in NYC next!

The Hollywood Con Story
This isn’t the first large-scale con story that I’ve shared here before, but I think they’re so fascinating! This one is especially interesting because so many of the targets/victims were such high-level people in Hollywood.

Inventor of Cruise Control
In honor of the 28th anniversary of the ADA, how could I not share the fact that the inventor of cruise control was blind? Designing for (and by) people with disabilities can benefit everyone!

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