Friday Favorites

By Wednesday this week it felt like it should be Friday, so that’s a sign of how this week has been going for me. It’s seemed like each time I’m able to check something off my to-do list lately, five more things get added on. I’m not really complaining, because most of them are things that I want to do, but… it has felt a lot like treading water lately, just trying to get by to the next thing! I’m not sure there’s any resolution ahead, but the only way out is through, right?

My favorites from this week…

ONE – Get your flu shot
My annual reminder to please, please remember to get your flu shot. You can’t get the flu from the shot, and it can help protect you and others who might be at risk for more serious side effects. Now is a great time to do it – it takes a few weeks to fully go into effect, so don’t wait too long.

TWO – Vienna by Ben Platt
I started (and finished) The Politician on Netflix last weekend. In my defense, there are only 8 episodes, so really not that bad – or that impressive, depending on how you look at it. In one episode, Ben Platt covers Vienna by Billy Joel, one of my absolute favorite songs. As soon as I finished the show, I went directly to YouTube to see if the song was there so that I could listen over and over. The good news is that I can, and you can too!

THREE – Accessible Museum
I loved this NYTimes article on what they’re saying might be the most accessible museum in the world. I am so happy to see more spotlights on accessibility and inclusion of disabilities!

FOUR – Floral Silk Scarf
After I posted about my newfound love of scarves earlier this week, someone on Twitter shared the scarves from Equal Entrance with me. I love that at least 10% of their proceeds go towards charitable causes supporting women, and I also love this grey floral silk scarf.

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