Friday Favorites

Happy almost September! September is my favorite month… because it’s my birthday month. I cannot believe that I’ll be 30 this year! I know that some people dread getting older, but I actually look forward to it.
I am holding on to the end of summer for as long as I can. Part of that, for me, means wearing this dress on repeat. It’s the perfect end-of-summer piece to bring me into fall. I may have worn in twice in one week… I am obsessed.

I am also obsessed with…

The #Hamildrops this week
There were three separate #hamildrops this week alone (although only two were released at the time of this posting). They’re both so amazing, but the Andra Day music video one is my favorite – I love how the song translates so easily to modern day.

Dogs dressed up
I couldn’t resist sharing this New York Times article with cute, dressed up dog pictures – this is totally my kind of thing. How adorable are they?! Lily has her share of outfits, though I’m not sure that she loves them… but I do!

Night owls versus early risers
I am such a night owl – always have been, always will be. I have forced myself to learn to get to bed earlier during the week because I need to for survival in the working world, but when the weekend rolls around, I go right back to my night owl habits. I know that all the research says to stay on a consistent sleep schedule all throughout the week, but I cannot force myself to get up early on the weekends. So I’m a fan of anything that supports my night owl habits!

Chef José Andrés
One of my favorite restaurants ever is Zaytinya in DC, which is under the direction of the chef José Andrés. The food, decor, and service are all incredible. And what makes it even better, in my opinion, is what a great man Andrés is outside of the kitchen. He’s been working to feed people after natural disasters – he went to feed people in Puerto Rico after Maria, and got to many parts of the country before any other aid had made it’s way there.

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