Friday Favorites

Somehow, this is the last Friday in September, which is absolutely wild to me. I’ve been feeling pretty scattered lately, and so I’m trying to get things back on track and feel a little bit more in control. I’m trying to be better about sleeping, about staying on top of my inbox and my calendar… I feel so much better in my life when I have a handle on things. Fingers crossed that I keep this up!

ONE – Marty and Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Love Story
This is such a touching tribute to Marty Ginsburg and Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s relationship. Reading about his complete support for her and her career (especially during a time when this was less common) is so touching.

TWO – GBBO is Back!
The Great British Bake-Off is one of the rare competition shows that never actually becomes competitive – the cooks and so friendly and so supportive of each other. It’ll be interesting to see how they adapted to filming during the pandemic, but a dose of happy TV is exactly what I think we all need right now.

THREE – New Coffee Mug
I needed something that would keep my coffee warm while I was working outside, and this has worked perfectly. It’s super insulated but not too heavy for me to lift, and it keeps my coffee nice and toasty, so I stay warm too. It’s also great for cocktails and keeping things chilled.

FOUR – Schitt’s Creek Emmy Wins
I love Schitt’s Creek so, so much. Just like GBBO, it’s a show that’s fundamentally about happiness and joy. I definitely watch my share of dark shows, and snarky ones, but something about Schitt’s Creek is just so special.

FIVE – This is Paris Documentary
I read about this on Carly’s blog and was convinced to watch it. I didn’t really follow Paris Hilton growing up (I’ve never seen an episode of The Simple Life), but it was really interesting to watch, and to see how (like so many other people!) the difference between Paris Hilton the person and Paris Hilton the brand.

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