Sleeping Like a Baby

I love to sleep. I talked about being a night owl in Friday’s post – but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like sleep. It just means that I go to bed late and wake up later. If I don’t set an alarm, I could easily stay in bed until noon.

I’m sure that part of that is because of my SMA, but it’s also just that I love sleeping and being cozy in a comfy bed. I have a thing about blankets… I cannot resist buying soft, comfy blankets whenever I see them. I have Disney World souvenir blankets, animal print blankets, faux sheepskin blankets – I love them all. And I’m just a much happier, nicer person when I get enough sleep. Believe me… ask my friends and family.

The thing about me sleeping, though, is that when I’m in bed, there’s no tossing and turning. I can’t turn from side to side, so once I’m laying down, I have to be really sure I’m comfortable. And something weird, that you don’t really think about until you’re forced to, is that your head is HEAVY when it’s dead weight laying down on a pillow. And I was sleeping so soundly, and not waking up until the morning, that all of that pressure was giving me a little sore on my ear. It was nothing major, and it kept going away and coming back again, over and over and over. So finally, I did a little Amazon Prime-ing, and found the perfect solution.

Did you know they sell side-sleeper pillows, with little cutouts for your ears?! I definitely didn’t know, but I’m so glad I found out. It’s made sleeping so much more comfortable, which in turn makes me a much happier person. I think this pillow is perfect not only for people who can’t move around easily in bed, or people who use breathing masks at night, but really for anyone who sleeps on their side at all. Not only does it have the cutout to take pressure off your ears, it’s also shaped so that your shoulders don’t hit the pillow awkwardly. I was really worried it wouldn’t be as comfortable as my usual pillow, but it’s a really soft foam that is so, so comfy.

I wanted to share this pillow with all of you because I feel like I waited way too long to buy this. I’m sleeping so much happier, and I want any of you who are side-sleepers to be able to feel the same way!

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