Friday Favorites

This week was happily only a three day work week for me, and I don’t start back at school until next week, either. Even so, it was a rough one for me! I am a night owl by nature, and I easily shift back into that routine when I’m off work for any extended period of time. It is a very rude awakening, though, when I have to get back on a somewhat normal schedule!

All of that just means that I’m very happy not to have any real plans this weekend, and I can read and relax and try to adjust before everything gets crazy.

Although my work week was short, I have some great things to share with you in this week’s favorites!

ONE – New York Times op-ed
This is a great editorial about the importance of hiring people with disabilities. To me, this is a “no duh” kind of statement, but I know to many employers – and just many people – it’s not so obvious. Pretty cool that companies who championed people with disabilities had higher profits, because I think that will go further to convince more companies to champion the cause than any argument for equality or inclusion ever will.

TWO – Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour
This is a Netflix exclusive – a recording of one of Taylor Swift’s performances in Dallas as part of her Reputation stadium tour. I loved going to see the show in Pittsburgh (read about that here), and it was fun to re-live the action!

THREE – How to be Organized
I thought this was a great article for the beginning of the new year. I’m constantly looking for more ways to be better organized. While it may seem like I’m put together, my desk/dresser/vanity are always in some sort of “organized mess,” as I like to think of it. I know where things are, but things definitely start to pile up. But I feel so much better when things are neater! So I’m always on the lookout for new/different organizational advice.

FOUR – The Original Schuyler Sisters at the Kennedy Center
The creative team behind Hamilton was honored with Kennedy Center Honors in December, and they aired the event on PBS at the end of the month. The whole thing is worth a watch, but I especially loved the performance by the original Schuyler sisters – Pippa Soo, Renee Elise Goldsberry, and Jasmine Cephas-Jones. The harmonies are beautiful!

FIVE – Deep Breathing
I used to – and still do, honestly – get really nervous before an exam. It doesn’t matter how much I’ve prepared, or how good I feel – it’s just the last-minute nerves, and they creep up no matter what. I’ve always tried to take a few deep breaths when I’m feeling like this, to try to slow things down and calm down a bit. This is a good look at what taking a deep breath does for the body, and also why you shouldn’t do it JUST when you’re nervous.

SIX – Mary Poppins Returns
I saw this over the holidays and loved it! It was really cute – very Disney – and I thought Emily Blunt did an amazing job as Mary Poppins. I love Julie Andrews, of course, but since this was a sequel and not a remake, it didn’t feel like she was being replaced. And Dick Van Dyke makes a very impressive cameo!

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