Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This Sunday is what I (un)affectionately call “the worst day of the year” because we set the clocks back. I am excited for the extra hour of daylight, but i’m really not excited for the hour of sleep I’m going to lose. There aren’t enough hours for sleep as it is!

This has been an exciting week for me on a few different fronts. First, I got my pictures back from the meet-and-greet with Karamo (I talked about it in this post), and I got to relive my excitement from meeting him all over again, which was fun. The other very exciting thing takes us into this week’s favorites….

ONE – Accessibility in Pittsburgh
I wrote an article!! This has been in the works for a while now, and I’m so proud and excited that it’s out there in the world. I am so appreciative of the reactions so far – it’s been overwhelming how interested people seem to be! I’m very hopeful this helps keep accessibility in the cultural conversation moving forward.

TWO – Luke Perry
In college, I discovered Beverly Hills, 90210 reruns on SOAPnet, and was quickly obsessed. I’ve seen every episode many many times (Donna Martin graduates!) and of course had a huge crush on Dylan McKay/Luke Perry. I started watching Riverdale because he was in it! He passed away after a major stroke earlier this week, and I know I didn’t know him, but it does feel weirdly surreal. Every single tribute and story about him talks about what an amazing person he was – he leaves behind a great legacy.

THREE – Second Cured HIV Case
Technically, the scientists are calling it long-term remission, but it’s still really amazing. I love to learn about new advances in science and medicine. The potential for curing HIV is huge – this is really exciting.

FOUR – Queer Eye Season 3 Trailer
How could I not include this?! Can’t wait to see what the third season brings – I love that the show seems to get deeper and deeper each season.

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