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I’ve always loved makeup – believe me, there are lots of pictures of me in middle school with bright blue eye shadow to prove this. But up until now, I’ve never really been a lipstick person. When I was testing out makeup in middle and high school, I definitely wore lots of Wet’n’Wild lip gloss and Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers, but even then didn’t really reach for real lipsticks. Maybe they felt too grown up to me? I’m not quite sure why, but they just never were my thing.

Recently, though, I’ve come to appreciate the polish that a coat of lipstick can add to an outfit. Lip gloss is easy and fun, but it doesn’t quite make me feel confident the way that lipstick does. I think it’s also because I’ve been taking more pictures now that I ever had before in my life, and I realize how much a simple coat of lipstick can change how a picture looks!

Because I have a Sephora addiction, and am signed up for their two-day Flash shipping, I’ve started to build up my lipstick collection. Here are a few of my favorites.

Bite Beauty in Chai
This is my go-to daily lipstick. It’s a great berry color, but it’s not too dark – perfect for a daytime look. It wears really well – it’s not necessarily long-wearing, but it wears off in a natural way so you don’t get patches on your lips.

Pat McGrath Labs in Obsessed!
This is a very bright orange-red, which is my favorite type of red to wear. I’m usually more of a berry person than a red lip person, but I do love how bright and vibrant this is. This is very, very matte – there’s no sheen at all, but it does still go on smoothly.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey
This is a classic – I actually bought my first tube of this color in college! As you might be able to tell by the name, this one is kind of a cross between a lipstick and a lip balm. It’s subtle and natural, and looks good with anything and on anyone.

Bite Beauty in Virgo
I love this color for a nighttime look – it’s definitely a more dramatic statement lip. Unfortunately, this was a limited-edition color, but Tannin (also by Bite), is incredibly similar.

Pat McGrath Labs in Full Panic 
This is one of the only pink lipsticks that I own, and I love how bright it is. I’m not a pale-pink person – I think it just looks weird on me – but this is the perfect, almost fuchsia pink. Like the other Pat McGrath Lipstick, it’s almost very matte, but doesn’t feel drying.

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