Why I Want to be Part of the #SephoraSquad

Last week, I applied to be part of a new program that Sephora is starting – the #SephoraSquad. For those selected, it’s a year-long contract to work with Sephora, which is a HUGE deal. Applications are currently open for anyone to apply – and their site emphasizes that they’re looking for a diverse set of applicants, including disabilities, which is so exciting to see.

I’ve written quite a few times about how important it is to have representation of people with disabilities in all areas of life. In some ways, makeup has always been a sort of “equalizer” for me. When I was growing up, having sleepovers and makeovers were things that I could do with my friends – me being in a wheelchair didn’t get in the way of that. It was a way for me to feel less different.

And then, as I got older and started to notice how often people stared at me because of my wheelchair, it helped me to feel more confident and accepted. If people were going to stare at me, I wanted to make sure they didn’t think I was just a little girl in a wheelchair. Wearing makeup gave me confidence, and helped me to feel that though people might first stare because of my wheelchair, it wouldn’t be the only thing that they’d remember about me. It gave me hope that people saw things about me that they saw in anyone else.

But – that doesn’t mean that my experiences with makeup are exactly the same as someone without a disability. I pick my makeup products not only based on colors and prices, but also on how easily I think it’ll be for me to open a lipstick tube, or how hard it would be/how long it would take for me to blend a product into my skin. These are real, logistical considerations that I have to take into account each time I look for a new product.

This is why I think it’s so important for someone with a disability to be part of the #SephoraSquad, and why I think it should be me. I love makeup and skincare, but I have a unique view that I would love to help people understand. And to do this, I need your help.

As part of the application process, we’re asked to get testimonials from people who know us/follow along with our lives. I would be so thankful and honored if you would write one for me – they’re very brief! Please click here and fill out the form – I’d really appreciate it!

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