2019 In Review

December seriously seemed to fly by, and I cannot believe we’re at the end of 2019 – at the end of the decade. I know that really, this year ending is no different than any other year ending, but doesn’t it being the end of a decade make it feel so much more important?

I don’t want to do a month-by-month recap of 2019 – if you wanted that, you could just go back and read the posts! But I thought it’d be fun to share the things that stick out to me the most from 2019.

This year took me to cities I’d never been to (Philadelphia, Easton, Columbus), cities I hadn’t been to since I was super young (Dallas), and cities I’ve been to but love to visit (DC). Sometimes, especially for a few weeks in the summer, all of the traveling felt exhausting, but ultimately I loved getting to visit all of the places that I did.

Accessible YOUniverse Summit
This was obviously a hugely exciting part of 2019, so it has to top the list. I never expected to found an advocacy organization and hold a Summit, but seeing it come together was so incredible. I was equal parts terrified and excited leading up to it, and equal parts excited and relieved when it was over, too.

Meeting Leslie Odom, Jr.
I mean, I guess this one sounds like I’m bragging… but it really does top my list when I think about what happened in 2019. It just felt so surreal – partially because it came so close to not happening! There aren’t words to describe the whirlwind of the morning that led up to our very brief meeting, but then I actually got to meet him and just couldn’t believe it.

Access + Ability
The Access + Ability exhibit at the CMOA was one of the most exciting things that I’ve seen in a very long while. It was a disability-centric exhibit without attempting to be inspiring – it was just a showcase of so many cool adaptations and accessories for different kinds of disabilities. Seeing that kind of an exhibit in my hometown museum just felt huge.

Warhol Museum Gala
Another pinch me moment – being asked to join the board at the Warhol, and then getting to attend such an incredible evening to support the museum! Getting treated to a private concert by Matthew Morrison and Joan Jett was truly once-in-a-lifetime and something that I will never, ever forget. And being a small part of a museum that has made such a huge impact and is such an important part of Pittsburgh is equally unforgettable.

Time With Friends
This isn’t one specific moment in time, but rather a lot of them – just spending quality time with the people in my life. It’s something that I value a lot – just catching up with my friends, spending time with them, keeping friendships strong! Especially now that my friends have started having kids – it’s a different kind of getting together that we do now, sometimes, but no less enjoyable or important.

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