Friday Favorites

This has felt like such a strange week to me! With Thanksgiving being so late this year, I came back from DC to my final presentation being due for the semester. It was not the easiest transition back after a trip! But the good news is that the presentation is done, and that means I’m finished with my last-ever class for my MPH! I still have one more semester left, during which I’ll be writing and presenting my essay, and then graduating in April. This has been such a long time coming now, and finishing my last class seems like SUCH a milestone.

This picture is actually another from DC, not here in Pittsburgh, but it’s so pretty that I had to share. Sometimes you just end up with perfect timing and catch a shot you could never have planned for.

Now, this week’s favorites…

ONE – Hamilton Defined the Decade
It’s been months since I’ve shared anything Hamilton-related, so I’m well overdue. Billboard named “My Shot” as one of their songs that defined the decade, and obviously I agree. If you haven’t listened yet, you must! 

TWO – TikTok and Censorship
An article came out this week showing that the app TikTok suppressed videos created by disabled, fat, and queer users. It was done in an attempt to decrease bullying on social media, which is valiant, but by singling out and suppressing videos by these creators, it’s actually increasing the stigma!

THREE – Penguins on Parade
And now for something a little more lighthearted! Every year during the winter (when it’s cold enough), the Pittsburgh Zoo brings the penguins out of their enclosure for a little “parade.” I went a few years ago – I was one of the oldest childless people there, ha! – and it remains one of my favorite-ever activities. Look how cute they are all lined up!

FOUR – Pantone’s Color of the Year
Each year, Pantone picks a color to represent the coming year. This year’s is “Classic Blue,” and I am here for it. Blue is my favorite color, so I’m biased, but this really is such a classic and I love it.

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