Friday Favorites

Today’s post is a short one, because I’ve only had a two day work week and I’ve been trying to not mindlessly surf the Internet while I was on break! It feels weird to go back for such a short week, but the break was so needed. I really think I was running on fumes by the end of the year (which is probably why I ended up sick).

I couldn’t resist sharing this picture of Lily – she loved having people around all day over the holidays, and was so confused when we went back to work… it clearly shows on her face.

This week’s favorites…

ONE – Taylor Swift’s Diary of a Song
I love learning about the process behind writing music, I think partially because it’s something that I just can’t imagine doing. Coming up with the right words and notes to connect with people and make them feel the way that you’re feeling just seems so powerful! Lover is just such an honest song, and it’s really interesting to learn how it came to be.

TWO – Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk
I think I picked this up at the end of the year, when Sephora had some holiday promotion going, because I’d heard/read that it’s the perfect neutral, no lipstick-lipstick. I don’t know if it looks like I’m not wearing lipstick, but it does look natural and doesn’t look bad when it starts to wear off.

THREE – Bon Appetit Chef Makes Dog Food
I’ve shared some of the other Bon Appetit videos before (I’ve shared at least one of the Gourmet Makes videos if not more), but I don’t think that I’ve shared this series before. This one stars an adorable dog, though, so of course I had to share!

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