Friday Favorites

This was my first week back to classes for the semester, and I was not ready for it. It was also one of those weeks where I just continually felt like I was one step behind and constantly playing catch up. Not fun!

I am looking forward to the weekend, though, because I’m going to see Hamilton! Shockingly, this week’s favorites do NOT include a Hamilton-related link. This is possibly a first?

ONE – Pelosi’s Pink Dress
I love this article about the fashion choices of the newly-installed Congresswomen, written by the authors of a blog I have been reading for years and years – Go Fug Yourself. I’ve always been interested in fashion and style, and I also have an engineering degree – those qualities can coexist! The Congresswomen made smart style choices on their first day, to stand out, or to honor their heritage. The “Fug Girls” do an incredible job breaking down the intersection of politics and style.

TWOJoe Manginello, Dragon Master
Lots of celebrities come and visit sick kids in the hospital, but not many come to teach them how to play Dungeons and Dragons. I love how unabashed Joe Manginello is about his love for the game, and I think that teaching the kids at Children’s Hospital how to play is the perfect way to give back.

THREE – Wheelchair Wedding Dress Display
It made me so happy to see this story about a mannequin seated in a wheelchair in this bridal shop display in England! I can honestly say that I have never seen a mannequin in a wheelchair in any store, and seeing one at a bridal store is especially powerful because there are still so many misconceptions surrounding people with disabilities being in relationships. I also love that the owners didn’t design the display to make a grand statement – to them, it was just a “why not?” moment.

FOUR – The Fiji Water Girl
I love watching award shows – I love the fashion, the celebrities, and all things pop culture. If you watched any of the Golden Globes coverage, you may have seen this Fiji water girl in one (or many) of the red carpet shots. She’s everywhere now! 

FOUR – Disabled Actors
I highly recommend you listen to this podcast episode, or read the transcript. You may have seen the previews for the movie coming out soon where Bryan Cranston plays a quadriplegic. This podcast interviews actors with disabilities about the importance of representation in TV and movies. Plus, the host and one of the actors both have SMA!

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