March Madness

I think that part of the reason that January seemed to go so quickly for me is that I knew March was going to be particularly crazy for me. I always have this thing where I see events that I’m really excited for, buy the tickets/commit, and then don’t realize what it will do to my schedule! When I enter them all into my Google calendar, though, it becomes clear quickly how packed things actually are.

Now, I’m not complaining – these are all things that I’m excited for! But I think the anticipation, both in a good and bad way, of March made February really seem to fly by. It’s here now, though, and I thought I’d share a little peek into my life for the month.

Quick note, though… I wrote this post over the weekend, when I was less nervous about the Coronavirus. Life with SMA means that I have to be more cautious that someone who doesn’t live with a condition that affects their lungs. All of this is to say that now, all of my plans are really up in the air. I’m trying to balance living my life with being safe and cautious, and it’s a struggle (and very anxiety-inducing, too).

This past weekend was actually one where I had no plans, which I did on purpose once I realized what the rest of my month looked like! Everything really starts this coming weekend, when I have tickets to see the The Band’s Visit when the tour makes its stop at The Benedum on the 14th. I have been looking forward to this show since I saw it perform on the Tony Awards a few years ago, so I’m excited that it’s finally here. And to close out my weekend, I get to celebrate one of my best friends at her bridal shower! I’m so excited for her and for all things related to her wedding.

The weekend may end, but my plans do not, because I have tickets to go to the Series Announcement from the Cultural Trust on the 16th. This is their annual event where season ticket subscribers are invited to the Benedum, where they announce each show in next year’s subscription, usually with some type of little performance, live or recorded, from each show. I went two years ago and it was so much fun, so I’m really looking forward to going back!

This next weekend is when things really start to get hectic. On the 20th, I have tickets to see Mandy Moore!! I have probably watched A Walk to Remember at least 50 times, so I cannot wait to hear her perform live. I have to brush up on her new album before I go, though! On both Saturday and Sunday, all day, I have my training for the New Leaders Council. I’ve been participating in this since January, one weekend per month, and it’s such a great opportunity to grow my leadership skills and meet like-minded, passionate people. I actually have to leave training early on the 21st, because I’m being named as a Distinguished Highlander from my high school at their Gala! It’s such an incredible honor, and it will be fun to go back “to my roots.”

The final event on my calendar for the month (for now… ) is the MDA of Southwestern PA’s Toast to Life Gala on the 26th. I went last year (you can read about it here), and I’m so happy that they invited me back again this year. We were really involved with the MDA when my sister and I were younger, so it’s nice to be involved again as adults.

Whew! All in all, one of my busier months, especially knowing that hanging over my head is the fact that I have to finish my essay for my MPH this month. Busy months like this are always a little bit of a mixed bag for me. I’m so excited about all of the fun things that I have planned, but I also know that having SMA means I get tired (physically) easily and I really do need my sleep. So here’s to hoping that things go smoothly and it’s just the right amount of fun and plans!

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