Friday Favorites

I feel like I’m running out of things to update you on each Friday – it’s very much of the same around here. Still in disbelief that it’s August, and still trying to take it day-by-day and not think too far ahead. With that in mind, though, my birthday is exactly one month away! My plans begin and end with ordering a Milk Bar Pie, my absolute favorite.
On to the favorites…
I have really been loving my new job – I know I don’t share much about it here, but it’s been a really exciting time so far. My Center sent out a nationwide questionnaire earlier this year, asking people how they were being affected by the pandemic. We found that family caregivers were being impacted more negatively than non-caregivers in many different areas. The Post-Gazette covered the report, and has some really impactful quotes from some of the caregivers themselves.
I actually don’t know that I’ve found this to be the case personally, but lots of people are finding they’re working longer hours from home. Are you? It can be hard, but I think (when possible!) it’s really important to set the boundary early that you’re not “on” 24/7.
I was influenced to buy these after an Instagram story from Things I Bought And Liked. They don’t feel like regular hair ties, and I was very uncertain at first, but they really work! I have so much hair (especially right now, since it hasn’t been cut in MONTHS), and these really have a tight hold, and leave way less of a crease when I take them out.
I wanted to end with this one because it’s so important to me. British Vogue, for their September issue (the biggest/most important issue each year), put 20 activists on their cover. One of them was Alice Wong, an incredible activist who also has SMA like I do. I can genuinely say that I never expected to see anyone with SMA on the cover of a fashion magazine; it was an incredibly powerful moment for me (and a reminder of how important representation is). Does this mean my dream of someday attending the Met Gala might come true?!

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