Friday Favorites

Another week down – not too much to share, but this is the start of my birthday weekend, so that’s definitely something to look forward to! I still can’t believe that it’s September and my birthday – so surreal, no matter how many times I say it.

 On to the favorites!

ONE – Vote T-shirt
I had to start with this one – how cute is it?! I’m not usually a t-shirt person, but I saw this one and knew I had to get it. Not only do I love the representation of all kinds on it, but I love the store behind the shirt, too. It was started by the family of a child with SMA, and the money raised from the shop goes towards creating accessible playgrounds. So incredible!

TWO – Essay on Grief
This is a heartbreakingly beautiful essay about grieving during the pandemic, while also witnessing the injustices being done to Black people and the Black Lives Matter protests. I think that everyone should read it.

THREE – Schitt’s Creek Cast Interview
For something a bit more lighthearted – Jennifer Garner interviewing the cast of Schitt’s Creek! She clearly loves the show as much as we all did, and it’s so fun to watch her talk with the cast.

FOUR – Vote Necklace
Closing it out with more vote-related apparel! This is the one that Michelle Obama wore during her speech at the Convention, and while it’s definitely out of my price range, I think it’s the perfect way to show you’re a voter!

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