My Nighttime Routine

 I’ve been increasingly invested in perfecting my bedtime routine. I think since I’m spending so much time in my house, it’s nice to have some sort of evening routine to help me wind down, since there’s not much else to delineate time for me right now. Plus, the new iPhone update included a new built-in sleep tracker, and part of that includes some built-in reminders to wind down (for example, dimming the phone screen for less blue light) in addition to actually tracking the hours I sleep while I wear my Apple Watch.

Because I tend to get obsessive about things like meeting my sleep goal, as Apple calls it, I’m trying to focus on the wind down aspect of it. It’s really a nice way to end the day, and now because I’m used to this routine, I fall asleep SO quickly. It helps me to feel like I’m ending the day on a good note, and like the next morning will start on a good note, too (and I am NOT a morning person).

 I thought that I’d share with you what I’ve been doing each night.

ONE – Get Cozy
I seriously love cozy, comfy pajamas, and I’m constantly in search of the perfect set. There’s nothing worse, in my mind, that PJs that just don’t quite fit right or are itchy or just not right in some way. I’ve been eying Lake pajamas for a while, but I just can’t quite justify the price tag (even though every review is a rave). I found this set, though, from Honeydew Intimates, and they’re my current favorites. So soft, and not too heavy to sleep in comfortably. Plus, the pattern is so cute, it’s perfect for the days that you don’t quite make it out of your PJs and into “real clothes.”

I’m such a pajama person that this step in my routine often starts well before actual bedtime, ha!


TWO – Set the Mood
I love my Hue smart lights, and one of my favorite things about them is the ability to change their color from white light to yellow light and anywhere in between. I typically prefer white light, which seems much brighter to me, but when it’s time to start getting ready to sleep I change the lights to yellow. It’s a much less glaring light for nighttime, and much less harsh on my eyes.

If you don’t have smart lights, something like switching from overhead lights to a lamp can do the same thing! It just helps make it feel a little more like “night time” in your bedroom.

THREE – Daily Drops
Next up is my Equilibria CBD drops! I talked about them a lot more in this post, but I take 1/2 a dropper before bedtime. They don’t make me sleepy instantly at all, but they do seem to help me fall asleep very quickly once I’m ready, and just make me a little bit calmer and more peaceful overall. I typically try to take them 30 minutes or so before I’m ready to sleep, so that they have time to take effect. I think they also help me stay asleep, too, which is great for making sure that I actually feel rested.

Don’t forget to use REFHEATHER.TOMKO at Equilibria for $20 off your first order!

FOUR – Get in the Right Headspace
Finally – when I’m under my blanket and the lights are off, it’s time for my Headspace sleep meditation. I genuinely find myself looking forward to this each night because it’s so relaxing and peaceful. I rotate between the “Sleeping” wind down, the “Goodnight” wind down, and a few different sleepcasts. I fall asleep within minutes – only once or twice have I ever actually heard the end of either of the wind downs! It really puts me in the perfect headspace (pun very much intended) to drift off to sleep peacefully.

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