Friday Favorites

 What a week!! I did such a good job not checking the news obsessively on Tuesday night, because I knew that we wouldn’t have results. But since waking up Wednesday morning, I have been refreshing the map and the news way too often. I’m cautiously optimistic, but wow, the stress has really been sky-high. Today’s post will be a quick one because honestly, so many things that I’ve looked at this week have just been election updates!

So, on to this week’s favorites.


ONE – Headspace & Election Anxiety
If there was ever a week to start Headspace meditations, this would definitely be it. I know I keep talking about it, but seriously, it’s my favorite part of my bedtime routine! They even have a (free!) specially curated selection all about election anxiety and stress. So worth it!

TWO – Jessica Benham’s Win
In local election news, I’m SO excited that Jessica Benham won her race for State Representative here in PA. While she’s not my rep, she is going to be bringing disabled representation to Harrisburg – she’s the first openly Autistic, openly LGBTQ representative in PA’s state legislature – which makes me so happy.

THREE – Advent Calendar
There’s something so nostalgic about Advent calendars for me, and I love having something to open and look forward to every day in December. This tea-based Advent calendar seems especially appropriate for a cozy 2020 December spent at home!

FOUR – Harry Styles Golden
Nothing is better at de-stressing than a Harry Styles music video break. It’s impossible to get it out of your head!

FIVE – Adaptive UGGs
If you’re around my age, you know UGGs were the boots to have – bonus points if you tucked your boot-cut jeans inside the UGGs. I could never wear them because without zippers, it’s super difficult to get boots on my feet. Wellllll…. now they’ve come out with a pair with zippers on both sides to accommodate people like me! I know I’m well beyond my middle school years, but I think I may have to get myself a pair anyway, for old times’ sake.

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