Friday Favorites

The early darkness has REALLY been getting to me this year, more than ever before. It is really making the weeks feel extra long to me. This is to say that I’m really looking forward to taking some time off for Thanksgiving next week. I think I’m just feeling a bit of burnout, and the darkness and the cold are not helping.


Anyway… this week’s favorites below!

Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney
This was a great interview/conversation between Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney – they talk about their creative processes, about their lives, and about fame vs. keeping things private.

Ina Garten’s Kitchen
So many of the recipes I’ve made over the last few months have been from Ina Garten! I love the peek inside her kitchen… and I wish I had her collection of Le Creuset!

Furbo Pet Camera
I bought a Furbo during the Prime Day sale, and I have been loving it! I know it will be more useful when I’m actually leaving the house, but even when I’m at home it’s fun to throw out the treats and get an alert when Lily is active/barking/hoping for a treat. It’d make a great gift… for a pet lover or for yourself!

Influencers and the Election
This was a really fascinating article about influencers speaking out about politics during the recent election. There’s always been a tension between staying silent and keeping readers/customers vs. speaking out. I’m really glad that this is the direction we’re moving in.

Dolly Parton and the COVID Vaccine
Of course Dolly Parton donated to help fund one of the COVID vaccine trials! I honestly didn’t know much about her before I watched her documentary a few months ago, but I’m continually impressed by her and everything she does – business-wise and personally.

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