Friday Favorites

Happy April! This week was pretty typical for me – nothing too excited or out of the ordinary. We did have a day with 72 degree weather, and it made me so happy to think about spring and the nice weather to come! Other than that, it was pretty much a normal week of work and life.

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is sitting in her front yard - behind her is a large bush and part of a porch table. She's wearing a red-orange dress and a pair of sunglasses.

On to the favorites!

Good News about the COVID Vaccines

While we obviously still need to be cautious and continue wearing masks/distancing when we’re in public, but the CDC came out with some very promising news this week about the COVID vaccines! It’s looking like not only do vaccines help keep each person from getting sick, they also help stop people from being able to spread the virus. This is really exciting news and makes me so hopeful.

deja vu from Olivia Rodrigo

I love Driver’s License and now I love this song, too! There’s something so specific about her songwriting – I love the little details that she includes. I will say, though, that hearing her sing about watching Glee reruns makes me feel so old!

Simple Tank Maxi Dress

I’m really very much in an “all things spring” mindset. This dress is simple, but would be so great for spring (with a jacket) and early summer days. And it’s on sale right now, too!

DIY Chair for Needy Pets

Seriously, if this woman started selling these chairs, I’d buy one ASAP. Both Lily and our cats would love to be able to sit next to people – they all always want to be nearby! Such a genius idea.

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