Friday Favorites

You guys, it has been SO COLD this week, I cannot handle it. If January didn’t already feel long enough, these days of -20 degree windchill make it seem so much longer. I am really ready for it to be over! But today is officially February 1, and we’re officially one month closer to spring.

The sub-zero temperatures caused me to pull out this favorite “sweater blanket” dress from last year! It is one of the warmest and coziest things that I own. When I added these Plush fleece-lined thigh highs, I wasn’t warm, per say, but I wasn’t an icicle either!

Lots of favorites to share with you this week:

ONE – Disability Representation, One and Two
After my post on Monday (here), I just wanted to share two articles about disability representation in the media. The first is the exciting announcement that there is a new scholarship at Yale for people with disabilities, and it’s been awarded for the first time. The other is about Jameela Jamil (who I love from “The Good Place,” and how she refused to play a role of a Deaf character because it should go to a Deaf actress. Both steps in the right direction!

TWO – Measles in Washington
My usual reminder to get ALL of your vaccines, not just the flu shot. There’s a state of emergency currently in Washington state because enough people refused vaccinations for their children that the “herd immunity” level is low enough for measles to spread. This is sad, dangerous, and avoidable!

THREE – The Fyre Festival Documentaries
I actually watched these a week or two ago, and can’t believe I forgot to share! Have you watched the Fyre Festival documentaries on Hulu and Netflix? The Hulu one was my favorite, though both were good – it’s just crazy to see how far things went and how incredibly poorly it went down and was handled.

FOUR – Disability Inclusion in Business
I love the work that this woman is doing to increase disability representation for people in the workforce. Currently, only about 20% of people with disabilities are employed, which is just so low! I like that she’s pushing the leaders of the organizations to work on this issue, because there’s really no “wrong” angle to attack this from.

FIVE – Buzzfeed Quizzes
Buzzfeed went through a major round of layoffs earlier this week, which is why this is coming to light now – a teen from Michigan was the second-highest driver of quiz traffic WORLDWIDE. That’s just so crazy to me – I was doing a lot in high school, but definitely nothing at that level.

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