My Christmas List

I’ll be sharing gift guides next week, but in the meantime, I like to start by sharing my own Christmas list. This year’s is pretty short – I’m sure that when I’m shopping for other people I’ll also find things I want to buy myself, but at the moment, at lot of the things on the list are holdovers from my dream birthday wishlist that I shared! Some of these are realistic, and some are less so, but it’s still fun to put together.

Cashmere Blanket

I am a big blanket person – I basically have one on my lap anytime I’m home (including right now, as I write this). And I’m also a huge fan of cashmere – it’s so lightweight and soft and cozy. So a cashmere blanket sounds like the perfect luxury to me, and is something I think about a lot as the temperatures drop! It’s definitely a (huge) splurge, but would be a dream to receive.

Kayali Oudgasm Café Oud

When I was browsing during the Sephora holiday sale, I took a peek at the fragrances. For years, I was strictly a Chanel Chance girl, and while I still love it, I’ve been branching out and playing around with other perfumes, too. My love of coffee is no secret, so I was especially intrigued to read that one of the notes of this Café Oud fragrance was cappuccino. I typically am into more “unisex” scents, so this seems really up my alley.

iPad Stand

I love reading in bed for a little before I go to sleep. I already have the page turner remote so I can keep my hands nice and warm under the blanket while I read, but I still have to get my iPad at just the right angle so I can see it while also balancing it on my legs. So I think I’m ready to get this clampable iPad stand! You just clamp it to the frame of your bed and then can adjust the angle of the stand so you can have the perfect view.

Diamond Studs

This was on my birthday wishlist AND on last year’s Christmas list! It’s also a splurge, so it will likely be on this list for a few years to come still. But diamond studs are a classic, so there’s no rush! These will still be just as stylish and chic five years from now.

Oura Ring

I love the idea of being able to track my health (sleep, heart rate, other monitoring) with something as small and subtle as a ring. I tried sleeping in my Apple Watch, but got a little bit of heat rash from it, actually! The ring is much smaller and I don’t think would irritate my skin in the same way. I’m constantly trying to be better and more proactive about getting enough rest, so I think this would be a convenient way to keep tabs on it.

AirPods Pro

I have a pair of over-the-ear noise cancelling headphones, so I don’t technically need these, but I do really want them! I’ve really gotten into listening to audiobooks, and love the immersiveness of listening while blocking out all other sound. And Apple just makes it so, so convenient to switch between devices when using their products, which makes it SO much easier for me. I’ve been saving up Amazon gift cards, and this is probably going to be my Christmas gift to myself!

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