Friday Favorites

Happy November! While I’m not really a big fan of dressing up on Halloween, I absolutely am a fan of dressing Lily up for Halloween, and she tolerates it pretty well! This year she was Wonder Woman – she has this weird thing where she freezes up if I put anything on her head, so she’s not wearing the little crown, but I still think she looks adorable.

On to this week’s favorites…

ONE – L.L. Bean #Bootmobile
L.L. Bean had a pop-up shop on Pitt’s campus this week, and of course I had to check it out and take this picture with the Bootmobile (and pick up this super soft pullover). The best part, though, was learning that they actually had a chairlift that would let me get up into the truck/trailer part of the shop! Not only did it exist, but multiple employees made sure to tell me about it. I couldn’t believe it, and it made me feel so included (and made me feel better about my purchase, too!).

TWO РThe future of Cond̩ Nast
I’ve always loved reading magazines, and as I kid I often thought about what it’d be like to work for one. I’ve watched The September Issue, the documentary about the making of the September issue of Vogue, so many times. This is a great, long form article about what the future of magazines looks like.

THREE – Airpods Pro
Apple FINALLY came out with Airpods that have silicone tips and are noise cancelling! I actually don’t care that much about the noise cancellation part of it, but I have wanted Airpods with silicone tips for so long.

FOUR – Normal People on Hulu
I really liked Normal People when I read it, but it’s definitely not light material. I didn’t realize that they’re turning it into a show on Hulu – I’ll be really interested to see how it translates to the screen (and I’ll definitely be watching).

FIVE – Dagne Dover Sale 
I bought a duffel bag from Dagne Dover earlier this year and LOVE it. They’re having a sale right now, with some bags and a lot of their pouches. I may pick up this one in the XL size. I feel like you can never have enough little pouches when you’re traveling!

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