Friday Favorites

As much as I love summer, my allergies have been so bad this year – I think they’re the worst they’ve ever been. I love being outside, but when I went to the Arts Festival this week, my eyes and throat were both burning within minutes of getting there. It’s made it a bit tough to get in all the outside reading that I’d like to do, but I’m surviving, somehow.

This week’s favorites ahead!

ONE – Lawsuit against Uber
Big and exciting news here in Pittsburgh – a lawsuit was just filed against Uber for their failure to provide rides for people who use wheelchairs. I know the lawsuit is not the first nationwide, but I’m hoping that this helps put a little pressure on them to increase access for people with disabilities. (Note: Do not look this article up on Facebook and read the comments there! Very disheartening.)

TWO – Ali Stroker Interview
I wrote my own post about Ali’s amazing win at the Tony’s (here), but this is a great interview. She talks about people’s misconceptions, and about the need to make the backstage areas of Broadway theaters more accessible, rather than just focusing on the audience-facing areas. You can’t expect to see more actors with disabilities on Broadway if they can’t even get to their dressing room and the stage!

THREE – Everlane Choose What You Pay Sale
I love Everlane – I love their transparent pricing, their style, and their sizing options that ACTUALLY fit me. They’re having one of their “Choose What You Pay” sales, which is too good to pass up. I particularly love this tank dress for summer!

FOUR – Taylor Swift’s New Album
Taylor Swift announced her new album and her new single (which will actually be out already when this goes live), and I’m so excited. Unashamed #Swiftie!

FIVE – Late Late Live Tinder
I’m asleep well before the Late Late Show comes up, but I do love watching segments on YouTube. The Live Tinder one makes me laugh every time! 

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