Friday Favorites

What a week – this one really flew by. I had the chance to attend State Representative Dan Miller’s Mental Health and Disability Summit on Tuesday, which was the highlight of my week. Because this year is the 30th anniversary of the signing of the ADA, the Summit was really expanded and was held downtown at the Convention Center. I’m always excited to see so many people gather to discuss mental health and disability issues. I also had the chance to be on a panel that spoke to a large group of high school students from the area, all of whom had disabilities. When I was in high school, I barely knew any other people with disabilities, so giving the students the chance to connect with and see other students with disabilities is just so important. Plus, I got to say hi to a few students from my own high school, which was a trip down memory lane.

This picture is from the legislative panel, where politicians from both sides of the aisle gathered to hear testimony about a number of pre-selected disability and mental health issues. It felt really significant that so many elected officials made the time to be there and learn more.

Okay now that I’ve run my mouth (fingers?) about that, let’s move on to the favorites.

ONE – Love is Blind Reunion
Starting with the silliest – have you been watching Love is Blind on Netflix?! If you have not, you should start immediately – it’s great reality TV. And then once you’re done, watch the reunion on YouTube! What’s crazy is that the show filmed in 2018, so quite a bit of time has passed between the show ending and the reunion.

TWO – Barbie’s Dreamhouse is ADA Compliant
This is something that I would have absolutely loved to own when I was growing pup! Mattel is updating their Barbie Dreamhouse, plus their camper, and anything else they decide, so that they’re all wheelchair accessible. They even hired a consultant to make sure their designs were ADA compliant. Barbie is such a big brand – this is a huge change for representation of disability!

THREE – Advice from Therapists
Teen Vogue has compiled this great article about the best advice that people have gotten from their therapist. It’s really interesting to read the different advice, and also the universality of a lot of it, and then to hear the issues that people are struggling with. So much of it is really relatable.

FOUR – Coronavirus Advice
Some more advice, but slightly more practical this time. A physician shares her best, real-life advice for dealing with the spread of cononavirus – namely, wash your hands and don’t buy out all of the masks.

FIVE – Judith Heumann on The Daily Show
I saved the best for last! Judith Heumann, an iconic disability rights advocate, was a guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah this week!! This is the first time that I can remember, EVER,  a disability advocate being on a late-night show to talk about their work. It means so much, and I’m so excited to see her being honored for the incredible work that she’s done.

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