Friday Favorites

This week has managed to somehow feel both short and long at the same time. I think sometimes it just hits me that I actually haven’t left my house since mid-March, and it doesn’t seem like that could possibly be real. But then I also see the numbers of cases around me going up, and staying up, and I know that the end is still a while away. It’s been frustrating, to say the least. I’m going to do my best this weekend to just enjoy, and not dwell.
On to this week’s favorites.
ONE – Disney+
I have really been leaning into the comfort/nostalgia watches on Disney+ this week. I’ve watched both Princess Diaries movies, Freaky Friday, and The Parent Trap. (Obviously, I’ve also re-watched Hamilton a few times.) Highly recommend as comfort TV!
Was anyone else as obsessed with Cher’s closet and software from Clueless as I was?! I was so jealous of it! I loved this deep dive into the behind-the-scenes of it.
Aisha Dee, one of the actresses of The Bold Type (a show that I love!) is speaking out about her experiences on the show, and the need for more diversity. I love that she talks about telling authentic stories, and not just by authentic casting, but also by making sure the writes room is diverse and representative of the stories you want to tell.
I think I may have shared these in my small business jewelers post, but I’m seriously obsessed. I love how dainty they are, but how different, too!
FIVE – Babysitters Club
I loved the reboot of the Babysitters Club on Netflix! I love the originals (books and movie), and thought they did a really impressive job updating it while staying true to the characters. Plus, the storyline of how Dawn accepts her diabetes was so empowering to watch during Disability Pride Month!

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