Friday Favorites

Another week in the books. I haven’t been counting the number of weeks in quarantine – I feel like having a ticking clock like that would only make me more anxious – so I feel like I’m kind of losing track of time. This weekend would have been my commencement ceremony for the MPH… but instead, I have a very low-key weekend planned with only some Disney trivia held by the local library on my agenda!

 This past weekend, I had my first virtual version of my leadership training program – it was nice to “see” everyone again via Zoom! For someone who would have never gone to something like this sans makeup and with my hair pulled up, I’ve gotten very comfortable with the natural version of me in all things virtual.

Moving on to this week’s favorites.

ONE – Ways You Can Help
I shared my thoughts on what you can do to help during the pandemic in this post, here. The New York Times did a nice round up of different ways you can help, too – giving blood, donating money, and more.

TWO – Pants or No Pants
I just thought this was hilarious because it’s so accurate – and goes along so well with what I said about being very comfortable with the natural version of me, ha!

THREE – These Candles
I came across these candles and just thought they looked so pretty, and the scent descriptions look amazing! If you’re looking for something to send as a Mother’s Day gift, these seem like a perfect choice.

FOUR – Washing Your Produce
There are so many questions right now about the “right” way to disinfect groceries when they come into our homes. This seemed like a straightforward, logical way to clean your fresh produce, written by someone who does it often.

FIVE – Shoshana Bean and Ariana Grande
Yes – Shoshana Bean and Ariana Grande are teaming up for a virtual benefit concert on April 27th. Seeing Shoshana live was actually one of the last things that I did before the quarantine started, so this is absolutely on my calendar and I cannot wait!

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