Friday Favorites

I want to do a different kind of Friday Favorites post this week. I’ve been watching the continued protests and demonstrations this week, and have been trying to listen, to read, to learn, and to share resources and posts that I’ve come across. It can be hard, as a white woman, to know exactly what to say, but I think it’s become clear over the past week that the important thing is just showing support and making it clear that racism isn’t okay, and isn’t something that I’ll ever support. I also want to be clear that this is something I’m going to continue to learn about, well beyond this week.
So for today’s post, I want to share some of the resources that I’ve come across, and some of the things I’ve been reading to educate myself.
Image via Imani Barbarin’s Instagram, designed by Jen White Johnson
This is a constantly-updating resource of things that you can do to help even after this is no longer a trending conversation. It has links to petitions, places to donate, other resources/education, and information for protestors.
It feels like President Obama always has the right words. This is a great look at what’s happening, and about how we can work to enact change.
Reading about experiences that are different than your own is one way to keep educating yourself. I’ve previously personally pledged to read more books written by women; I’m now going to make a conscious effort to read more books by non-white authors, too. One I can recommend to start with by local author Damon Young is “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Blacker.”
FOUR – People to Follow
It’s important for me to remember, and to remind all of you, that it’s important to consider the intersection of race and disability, too. A few people that I recommend following (please note this is definitely not an exhaustive list!) are: Vilissa Thompson, Imani Barbarin, and Keah Brown (who is also an author of The Pretty One).

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