Friday Favorites

Another week down. I’m feeling a little bit burnt out, I think – I’ve taken a few days off work here and there throughout the summer, but haven’t had a concentrated break like I normally would. It’s also feeling really weird to spend the entire summer without traveling anywhere. Last year, I think I went on 4 or 5 different trips… that was a lot for me, but usually I go somewhere at least once! I should mention – I do think that there are safe ways to travel right now, and my family and I thought about trying to go somewhere nearby, but it’s a lot of logistical work that just doesn’t seem worth it/feasible for us. 

Anyway – just another week in the pandemic. Now, onto this week’s favorites.


ONE – Disney debuts adaptive costumes
This is something that I really wish was around when I was younger! Disney has released a whole line of adaptive costumes that I would have loved to wear for Halloween. My mom used to sew our Halloween costumes (I was many different Disney princesses!) and this probably would have been a bit easier. Plus, I could have turned my wheelchair into a carriage! Love.    

TWO – Dolly Parton for Billboard
Dolly Parton’s interview in Billboard is just fantastic. I don’t know a lot of her music, actually, but I want to listen to more after reading this! She seems like a phenomenal businesswoman and a genuinely good person. “I would never dream of hurting anybody on purpose,” she says in the article. If only more people thought like that!

THREE – Sephora sale
Starting today (use code WELCOME BACK), Sephora has a sale going on with $15 off $75 or $20 off $100. It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on the basics, or treat yourself with something fun. I recommend this Drunk Elephant face wash, this deodorant I raved about in this post, or this lip gloss for something fun. 

FOUR – Satisfied x Helpless
Obviously, when I saw this Hamilton video of Helpless and Satisfied side-by-side, I knew that I had to share! It’s so fun to watch the same moments play out in the different songs. So impressive!

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