Friday Favorites

I took today off work as a birthday treat to myself, so my weekend started a little bit early. This week has been a bit of a roller coaster for me – we had to say goodbye to our cat Simba on Monday, but I also celebrated by 35th birthday yesterday. So it’s just kind of been a lot, and a real mix of happy and sad. I’m just trying to focus on taking it one day at a time right now.

I still do have some favorites from this week, though!

Gisele Fetterman “Our Lady of Pittsburgh”

I really admire Gisele Fetterman – not only for her sense of style, but for the way she really just goes for things. She sees problems (and opportunities) and just… attacks them, with very little fanfare but with a lot of determination. She really makes things happen, and is so kind while doing it – it’s so impressive.

Sequin Bouclé Cardigan

This definitely isn’t the most practical of sweaters, but it is extremely FUN. I love the bouclĂ© texture, the bold colors, and the pretty embroidered flowers – the sequins really are just the icing on the proverbial cake. It would really take any outfit up a notch!

ReelAbilities Pittsburgh

ReelAbilities film festival is this weekend – both virtually and in person! – here in Pittsburgh. It’s a nationwide festival focused on sharing authentic disabled stories and highlighting disabled representation on the screen. Representation is SO important, and it’s still really lacking disability-wise, so I love that this festival is dedicated to promoting it in an authentic way! Tickets are still available.

Barnes & Noble Pre-Order Sale

Through tonight, Barnes & Noble is offering 25% off so many pre-orders with the code PREORDER25 – both physical and ebooks are eligible! I picked up Funny Story, How You Get the Girl, and This Summer Will Be Different, but there are lots more options if those aren’t your type!

Ribbed Cashmere Sweater

This sweater is a lot more practical (though not more affordable!). I love cashmere, but the ribbed texture of this one gives it something different. And the stripes just embody casual cool to me. A great sweater for fall.

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