Friday Favorites

So, this was a big week in my life – I got my first dose of the COVID vaccine on Wednesday! I have spent so many hours these past two weeks trying to track down each and every lead on a vaccine appointment that I possibly could, and I still didn’t really believe it would happen until I was in the hospital with the needle getting stuck into my arm.

Afterwards, it truly felt like a weight had been lifted – I didn’t realize how much underlying, day-to-day stress that I was feeling until it was gone. It was just such an immense relief to not have that immense worry hanging over my head.

It’s also a strange feeling because I know there are so, so many disabled/chronically ill/older people who want to get a vaccine and are really struggling to find one. The rollout has not been simple or smooth, and it does feel like disabled people are being forgotten once again. I’m not going to stop advocating for vaccine access even though I got mine.

But all in all, it was a really good day on Wednesday.

On to the favorites.

ASL at the White House Press Briefings
The press secretary made the announcement that for each press briefing, they’d have an ASL interpreter there as well. That’s such a huge step for inclusion – it’s so important that D/deaf and hard-of-hearing people have direct access to what’s going on at the White House, too.

Press Secretary and Her Career
I know, another article about the press secretary! I just think she’s such a breath of fresh air and this is a great look at her and her career.

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana
Honestly, when I glanced at this picture, I thought that it was Princess Diana, not Kristen Stewart. I’m definitely looking forward to watching this.

Reddit, GameStop, and the Stock Market
I am by no means a stock market expert (I’m not even a stock market novice), but this was fascinating. A bunch of people on Reddit banded together to buy and raise the price of GameStop stock… and people were not all happy.

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