Recent Round-Up

I’ve done some fun online shopping recently… nothing so huge that it deserves it’s own post, but some good things that I wanted to make sure that I shared. I’m also kind of hoping that this round-up helps me remember that I’ve done enough shopping lately and don’t need to do more!

Cotton Case

Okay, so I think this is genius. I use cotton rounds and ovals with my micellar water, but I’ve never found a great storage solution for them. Glass jars have lids that are too heavy for me to remove, but I need something that stays covered, because our cats get fur EVERYWHERE. There’s nothing worse than trying to remove your makeup and ending up with a face full of cat fur! This is a great, sleek and simple case that has spaces for cotton rounds, ovals/squares, and Q-tips. I love it!

Artis Oval 8 Brush

I have and love the Artis Oval 7 brush. For me, it’s faster and easier, dexterity and reaching-wise, to use this brush rather than my fingers for tinted moisturizer. I wanted to try the slightly larger size to see if it makes things go even a little bit quicker, since it covers more surface area at once.

Woven Beach Bag

I was placing a Target order and threw this bag in on a whim. It’s exactly what I was looking for! It’s big enough to hold towels, a cover up, sandals, a book/iPad, water bottle… all the essentials for the beach or pool. It’s affordable, and seems flexible enough to fit in a suitcase if you pack carefully (I plan to put my packing cubes inside it, and lay it sideways in the suitcase).

Skincare Fridge

I bought this when I found out that I was approved for Evrysdi (read more in this post) and then… left it sitting in it’s box. I still need to set it up, but I’m looking forward to not only keeping my medicine cool but also chilled under-eye masks and CBD cream.

Automatic Cat Feeder

Since we’ve been home for the past year, the cats have gotten used to eating many times a day. Now that we have a trip planned, we don’t want someone to have to stop by every few hours to feed them! So we’re trying out this feeder. It has two different bowls, which is key, and the ability to dispense food up to six times a day.

Heated Lash Curler

I love a beauty product that is adaptive, even if it doesn’t know it! Standard eyelash curlers are hard for me to use – I can’t really squeeze it tightly enough, and I’m always terrified that my arm will lose balance/slip and I’ll rip out my eyelashes! This one is not only heated to help hold the curl, but there’s no clamp, so I don’t have to worry about my strength. And it works!

Jasmine Green Tea

This is actually only one of four teas I stocked up on, but it’s a good one! A lot of green teas basically taste like water to me, but this one has a really distinctive, delicious taste because of the jasmine. If you add in a little honey to sweeten it, it’s perfection.

Reusable Oil Remover

I saw this on TIBAL’s Instagram and instantly added it to my cart. It’s so cool – it’s a little rollerball that acts as an oil remover! I’ve used blotting papers for years and years, and I think this works just as well (and is less wasteful). When it gets too oil-clogged, you just remove the rollerball and wash with a gentle soap. It doesn’t smudge or remove your makeup, either.

Star Wars Plates

These are just funny – I bought them for my sister as a birthday gift! Perfect for any Star Wars fans in your life. And if you’re more of a Disney person, like me, they have options for you too. They make such a fun little addition to typical dinnerware!

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