Friday Favorites

I cannot believe that it is somehow mid-August. I’m writing this early on Thursday evening from my patio, and the crickets are chirping so loudly that I can hear them above Folklore playing through my headphones. It’s actually kind of a pretty noise, until I remember that it means summer will be coming to an end soon! But I’m trying hard to focus on enjoying the now rather than focusing on what’s coming next. It’s hard sometimes!

Anyway – here are this week’s favorites.

Miss Macon’s Classroom Wishlist

Some of you may remember Miss Macon from last year – she’s a local Pittsburgh teacher who reached out to me last year, and of course I wanted to share her wishlist this year too! She says: “I am teaching six kids who can’t read and will be working with students who have apraxia of speech, specific learning disabilities, dyslexia, autism, and down syndrome! I can’t wait to love each and every one of them, but they cut our budget again, so any help would be so appreciated!”

You have all been wonderful about helping with the other classroom wishlists that I’ve posted – if you’re able, please help Miss Macon too!

Amy Nelson’s Pivot

I’m so honored to call Amy a friend who I met through Instagram! Her story about pivoting her company The Riveter during the pandemic while also dealing with a (still ongoing!) legal battle between her husband and Amazon is truly so impressive. We could all learn something from her about persistence, resilience, and determination.

Hill House Gingham

Hill House dropped their gingham collection on Wednesday! I picked up this little pajama top, which I’m so excited for. But this Ellie in emerald gingham is so perfect to keep wearing well into fall, and If you’re a pajama person like me, this gingham nightgown is the cutest!!

Akilah Cadet on Being Disabled and Proud

Akilah is the Akilah who has a Nap Dress named after her, but is also an incredible activist. I loved this piece that she wrote about coming to terms with the label of disabled, and being proud of it despite the stigma that is still associated with disability. I highly suggest reading the article, following her on Instagram, and learning more about her work!

Smocked Floral Print Dress

This smocked dress from Target is so cute – I love the bold floral print, the smocking at the top, and the midi length. If you’re not a floral print person, there are also striped and solid options, too! And best part of all – it’s only $30!

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