The Perfect T-Shirt: AYR Review

Typically, I’m more of a dressed up person than a dressed down one. I just love pretty dresses – my sister will often tease me about being overdressed for an event! But now that I’m spending so much time at home, I’m finding myself reaching for casual pieces more and more. And there’s something super appealing about the perfect t-shirt, too – a t-shirt that looks casual and put together rather than just sloppy. For me, that t-shirt is the AYR Sno Cone.

As strange as it may sound, I actually really struggle to find t-shirts that fit me well! Things fit differently when you’re sitting all the time – t-shirts are typically more slim fit, and when you wear something like that sitting, it tends to bunch up a lot around the stomach. Or, a t-shirt is made purposefully loose and baggy, but when I wear it, it just looks sloppy, like I’m wearing something that’s a size or two too big for me. So I try to look for boxier cut t-shirts, but it’s hard to find them in my size (and budget!). This Sno Cone tee from AYR, though, fits all my criteria.

Its shape is perfect – it’s slightly boxy and oversized, but not too loose and baggy overall at all. It’s slightly cropped, but just barely, which means that it hits me at the perfect place while I’m sitting. It’s just the perfect style that feels updated and cool and chic. I especially appreciate the crew neck of the top – I have really narrow shoulders, which means that often, things hang or gap weirdly. But this is a smaller crew neckline, which means it fits much more nicely!

The shirt is made out of 100% pima cotton, which means it’s incredibly comfortable to wear. It kind of feels like wearing a pajama top, but definitely looks much nicer than any pajamas I own. I got a version with stripes, which I love – it gives it a little extra something from a plain solid one (although they do have solids, too).

I went with the short sleeved version – for me, it’s easier to move my arms around without long sleeves, and this way I can layer with a cape or cardigan if I want to! But AYR also makes a long-sleeved version (the Slushy) that looks equally comfortable. And bonus – if you buy two or more t-shirts of any kind, you get 20% off! What could be better?

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