Friday Favorites

Happy Valentine’s Day! I am so looking forward to this weekend! I definitely need to catch up on some sleep, and some work, too… but I’m looking forward to the sleep part. This Sunday is also my mom’s birthday, so I’m excited to go to brunch and celebrate her, too!

This week has been Feeding Tube Awareness Week – I thought I’d share these two pictures to help you understand what my feeding tube has done for my life. Overall, it’s been a really positive thing for me, and I can’t imagine not having it. That’s not to say it’s without issues (I’ve actually been in to have it looked at more in the last few months than I have the rest of the years that I’ve had it, combined), but it really did make such a major improvement to my life.

On to this week’s (slightly short list of) favorites!

ONE – My PublicSource Article
I wrote another article for PublicSource! This time, I’m talking about the current choice I’m faced with between advancing my career and remaining eligible for services that help me live and get to work. I’ve talked about it here before, but if you want to learn more, read the article and make sure you click through to sign the United Way survey mentioned in the article!

TWO – Sunday Scaries
I don’t love the name “Sunday Scaries,” but I definitely understand the feeling the name evokes. This is an interesting look at what might cause it.

THREE – Oscars Rap
This was a fun little skit that the Oscars did – they brought out an actor/freestyle rapper to recap what had happened in the ceremony so far. I loved it! Utkarsh Ambudkar, the actor freestyling, was on The Mindy Project and in the movie Blindspotting (which you should watch if you haven’t seen it!), so it was cool to see him pop up on the stage.

FOUR – Jillian Mercado at NY Fashion Week
Jillian Mercado, an actress/model with a disability, walked in a show during New York Fashion Week! It’s so amazing to see disability representation on a catwalk, especially for me to see someone using a wheelchair. I loved it!

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