Friday Favorites

For the first time since maybe… November? December? I’m starting to finally feel like my life is a little more under control. I’ve been very much in survival mode, but I’m ready to flourish and thrive again. I’m feeling less burnt out, and more relaxed. It’s a really nice feeling, especially right now in January, when it is decidedly not nice outside. I have a low-key weekend planned, and I’m hoping to just keep feeling like this for a little bit longer.

On to the favorites!

Becca Freeman’s Most Anticipated Books of 2024

I don’t think Becca has ever steered me wrong with a book recommendation! I have a lot of the books on her “most anticipated” list on my own already, and am taking notes on the rest of her list, too.

LAKE Valentine’s Day Pajamas

LAKE has released so many cute pajama options for Valentine’s Day! I really love this ruffle nightgown, and this striped set is subtle enough to be worn year-round, too. Blue is my favorite color, so of course this blue heart set also caught my eye!

This is Me… Now Trailer

Have you all seen the trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s new project, This is Me… Now? If you haven’t, please go watch immediately. It is… a lot, and honestly I’m not quite sure what all is happening, but I do know that I absolutely will be watching.

Living Proof Blowout Spray

I am always searching for new haircare products – especially ones for blow drying and styling. Anything that claims to make it easier and faster to blow dry – and to maintain the blowout! – I am willing to try. I’ve used Living Proof products before and have always been impressed, so I’m excited to try this new spray.

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