Gratitude List, January 2023

I have the winter blahs in January (…and in February!), so there’s really no better time for a gratitude list. I could really use the reminder to focus on the good instead of complaining about the early dark and the gloominess that’s been somewhat of a constant in Pittsburgh lately. So here’s what I’m currently feeling grateful for.

(Slightly) Longer Days

While, yes, we’ve had a lot of rainy, overcast days lately, I am feeling grateful that the shortest days of the year are behind us and that the sun is setting just a little bit later each and every day. I will take each and every extra minute of daytime I can get right now! It’s not just the daylight itself, either – it’s the reminder that even longer (and warmer!) days aren’t that far away.

Working From Home

I really love being able to work from home for lots of reasons – especially from a disability perspective, life is just so much easier. But I’m especially grateful for it this time of year, when it’s cold and either rainy or snowy, and I can stay in my nice warm house instead of having to battle the elements in my wheelchair, which is no small feat.

My Espresso Machine

I still have to write a full post about my espresso machine (it’s kind of my favorite thing right now), but being able to get a delicious macchiato in my own house is something I’m feeling super grateful for! I really look forward to my daily coffees, and not having to deal with the logistics of getting one from Starbucks or another coffee shop (especially during Pittsburgh winters!) is so, so nice.

My Bed

I know – another thing I still have to do a full post on! But my Sleep Number bed is truly amazing, and I don’t know how I lived so long without it. Since I’ve been spending more time resting recently, I am so extra grateful for how comfortable it is, and for how easy it is to adjust and recline for optimal TV watching positioning. Plus, the bottom part of the bed heats up, which my feet super appreciate on chilly nights.

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