Advent Calendars

When I was young, Advent calendars were one of my favorite things about December and the holiday season. They were nothing elaborate, but I looked forward to opening the calendar every single day. In the last few years, I’ve gotten into Advent calendars again, just a slightly more grown up version of them! I tend to go for things with consumables – I have enough little things (though I do make an exception for beauty calendars), but I love the thought of a little treat for myself every day in December. In case you’re anything like me, I thought I’d share some of the best ones I found.

L’Occitane Advent Calendar

I’m starting out with the splurgiest of the calendars on my list, but L’Occitane is so good that I wanted to include this! This calendar has an amazing mix of shower and body products. Different options of bath and shower gel and lotions – they’d be so fun to use and switch up throughout December, and also great to keep a few and use for travel!

Palais des Th├ęs Advent Calendar

This is the calendar that I’ll be buying – I’ve actually been buying it for the past two or three years now! It’s a great mix of flavors and types of tea, and I’ve found some new favorite blends that I never would’ve tried without the calendar. And it’s just so nice on cold December nights to have a hot cup of tea to look forward to. It feels so indulgent.

Puzzle Advent Calendar

This puzzle calendar is so unique! Each day has a small jigsaw puzzle, and then at the end of December you have a whole month’s worth of little window scene puzzles to look at. I think it would be such a fun activity to do each day with your partner, family, or roommates – I love that it can be such a communal experience.

Godiva Advent Calendar

You can absolutely never go wrong with a chocolate Advent calendar. This one comes with a nice mix of chocolates – milk, dark, and white, some caramel, some nougat, and some with nuts – just a really great assortment. And who wouldn’t be excited for a tasty piece of chocolate every day?!

Sugarfina Advent Calendar

If you’re a sweets person but not a huge chocolate person, the Sugarfina Advent calendar is a great alternative! It’s full of all different kinds of Sugarfina’s cult-famous candies – sours, hearts, stars, and just a few chocolates, too. I have never tried a Sugarfina candy that I haven’t enjoyed, so I feel confident this would be delicious.

Bonne Maman Advent Calendar

Last, but definitely not least, the Bonne Maman Advent calendar! This is one of the most popular Advent calendars – if you’re at all interested, buy one now, because it will sell out. This calendar has so many different, unique flavors of spreads to try throughout December. Plus, how cute are the little tiny jars – you can definitely wash and reuse them after!

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