Friday Favorites

Pittsburgh really decided to go all in for the first day of fall yesterday – temperatures were in the 60s, it was overcast and rainy, and just felt incredibly fall-like. I can’t say that I loved it, but it did at least feel incredibly appropriate for the season. l have not done as much browsing this week as usual – I’ve been really having to prioritize work and rest, and there’s not a ton of time for everything else. Happily, I have a no-plans, incredibly low-key weekend, which I’m hoping helps me feel a little bit more like myself. And I do still have some favorites to share from this week!

How to Help Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico was hit by (another) hurricane on Sunday, and the entirety of the island lost power. They were still rebuilding from the last major storm, so this is a major issue. NPR compiled a (non-exhaustive) list of ways that you can help. I love that they included a mutual aid group, too.

Disability (In)Justice

Teen Vogue did an entire collection of pieces about disability-related issues, called Disability (In)Justice. It’s so moving and powerful to see disability issues getting such attention in a major, mainstream publication. I especially love this article where 11 activists talk about what disability justice means to them.

Animal Print ChappyWrap

I don’t know how I missed that ChappyWrap came out with a leopard / cheetah print blanket?! I love it so much. Do I need another blanket? Probably not. Am I going to get it anyway? Definitely yes.

The Essential Judy Blume

I get so nostalgic thinking about books that I read when I was younger! Judy Blume is one of those quintessential childhood authors for me – “we must, we must, we must increase our bust!” has stuck with me to this day! I loved this little walk down memory lane and am happy to hear that many of her books still feel relevant now.

Zip-Front Dress

This zip-front chino dress is not my usual style, but I kind of love it? It seems so chic and relaxed at the same time – like the epitome of casual-cool. I don’t think the style would really work for me, so I need one of you to get it and wear it in my honor!

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