Gratitude List, March 2024

I mentioned in Friday’s post that the taste of spring weather we had last week helped to brighten my mood. In turn, this helped me feel a lot more content, and makes me feel grateful for all the little glimmers of good going on right now in my life.

Patio Reading

It’s no secret that patio reading season is my absolute favorite. Because we had spring-like weather this past week, I tried to take advantage of it as much as I possibly could. I took my iPad outside – sometimes with a sweater, sometimes with a patio heater turned on, sometimes with my headphones, sometimes just listening to the sounds of squirrels running around – and read! I had that familiar feeling of wanting to stay outside for just “a few more pages” because I’m just so content. I’m so grateful to have had a few days of this in March, and so hopeful to remember spring is on the way.

Chocolate from Friends

In the past few weeks, I had not one, but two friends mail me packages and include bonus chocolate in them for me. I have a major sweet tooth, and love trying out new and different chocolates, so this is kind of the perfect bonus treat for me. I’m so, so grateful to have friends who are so kind and who go out of their way to include a little extra treat for me!

My Pajamas

I was texting with a friend about what we were each grateful for, and she told me that I should include my pajamas in my list, because no one loves pajamas as much as me. She’s not wrong!! I’m writing this in my pajamas right now. There is nothing I love more than spending an entire day lounging in my PJs, and I’ve been known to change back into pajamas by 1 PM on a weekday. Clearly, I am not someone who feels like they need to be “dressed up” to be productive. It just feels so luxurious and relaxing and, most of all, supremely comfortable to be in pajamas as much as possible while at home. (My favorites are from Lake.)

Lily and Nala Cuddles

Nala was never a lap cat, and least not for me. She’d actually go as far as to stand up, walk five feet away, and lay back down juuuust out of reach if I tried to pet her. But since we lost Simba, she’s completely transformed. Not only will she accept my pets, she actually jumps up on my lap of her own free will, finds a comfy position, and lays herself right down. And Lily has this one position where she lays with me in bed, curled up in my elbow, while I’m lounging and watching TV or reading. It’s so cute and special. So grateful for the love from both of them. Pets are just the best

Making Travel Plans

I’m both grateful for and a little bit stressed about this last one. I mentioned that I’ve started to feel a little bit claustrophobic at home – it’s just that it’s been winter, I’ve been stuck inside, and it’s all starting to feel a little bit monotonous. But we’ve started to figure out our summer travel plans, and I’m cautiously excited about the thought of going somewhere again. Travel is a lot of work, and stressful, but I do really love it! And I’m grateful to have plans to look forward to, and to start to get excited about.

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  1. Alicia

    Thank you Heather!! I enjoyed your article and your exactly right!! We should be grateful daily of all the wonderful things in our life!! After reading your article,
    you have inspired me to write daily, in my journal.

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