Thursday Favorites

This week’s favorites is going up a day early, because the Sephora spring sale starts tomorrow for VIB Rouge members, and I’m going to be sharing all my favorites. It has been a busy but fun week – on Tuesday night, I went to the White Whale Bookstore to celebrate the final of Chloe Liese’s Bergman Brothers books being out in the world. It’s such a gem of a bookstore, and was such a great night, even though we had to drive through a tornado watch on the way home (no tornadoes were sighted and we were very safe!). I had a busy work week, too, so I’m looking forward to a calmer weekend. On to the favorites!

Only and Forever

Like I was just saying, the final Bergman Brothers book was released this week. These books have such a special place in my heart – they were the first romances that I read that included disabled main characters, and they were characters that were seen “not differently, but better” by their partners when they were open about their disabilities, to quote Chloe herself. Even if I don’t share the same disabilities as any of the Bergmans, being able to feel a little bit more seen in the romances that I love to read is a very powerful thing.

Ruched Midi Dress

I was browsing Target’s website and came across this midi dress, and I think it’s gorgeous. The deep teal floral print is so pretty, and I love that the straps tie in the back – it makes the strap length extra adjustable, which is such a bonus for me. I think it would be so cute under a jean jacket for spring, and so perfect and flowy for summer.

I really love this article from The New York Times about the growing number of “carefluencers” on social media – caregivers who are sharing what it’s like to care for a friend or family member. Just like it was so important for me to find a disabled community online, it’s equally important for caregivers to find virtual support systems and people they can talk to who really get it. Plus, I love anything that helps people understand, even a little bit, the actual reality of giving and receiving care.

Solar Eclipse Glasses

On Monday afternoon, parts of the US will have a total solar eclipse! I’m not in the “path of totality,” as they call it, but Pittsburgh is supposed to have around 97% totality, which is pretty close. I want to be able to safely experience it, so I bought these eclipse glasses from Amazon to make sure I can view the eclipse without hurting my eyes. It’s not too late to pick up your own pair, and lots of libraries are giving them out for free, so you can check there too!

The Atlantic shared their very comprehensive list of the books that they consider “Great American Novels.” I think I’ve only read about 10 of them or so, but after chatting with friends, I have some to add to the top of my list! I’m so curious which current books will be added to this list 10 or 20 years from now.

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