Life Lately, June 2021

I mentioned in my last Life Lately post that things were starting to feel kind of normal. This month, it's felt even more so - maybe to the point of doing too much! Everything sounds so fun and exciting right now that it's hard to say no to potential plans. But as someone who doesn't exactly feel recharged after lots of social activities, it's been a lot and kind of exhausting!

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Friday Favorites

It has been out of control hot this week - my post about the best sunscreens could not have been more timely! It's been pretty much a normal week around here - it has really felt like summer, and it's gotten me so excited for cookouts and picnics and my beach trip! Summer is my favorite season for sure, and I feel a little bit like a kid at the end of the school year - it's just that sense of excitement, you know?

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