Friday Favorites

This week has been rough for me – the time change has hit me harder than it usually does! I’m never a morning person, so I never love “losing” an hour (of sleep), but I just have felt exhausted all week. I’m hoping that I can catch up on sleep this weekend and go into next week feeling refreshed.

Heather, a white woman in a wheelchair, is sitting at her desk with her window behind her.

On to this week’s favorites.

Where You Can Donate to Support Asian Communities

The rise in hate crimes against Asians is just so appalling. If you want to do something to help (in addition to speaking out, of course), this article has a great list of places you can donate.

Taylor Swift’s Grammy Medley

Okay, not only did I love Taylor’s Grammy performance, but I am also obsessed with her dress!! Folklore and Evermore have been two of my most-listened-to pandemic albums, so this performance was a real highlight for me.

Disabilities and the White House

It was really great news to read this article about how the Biden White House is continuing to prioritize and include the disabled community in their administration. It’s exciting to see that they seem to understand disability touches so many different policy areas, and needs a central role. Fingers crossed they keep this up!

In the Heights Trailer

I am SO excited to see this movie over the summer, and the trailer is just raising my excitement levels even more. It just looks like such a celebration and so much FUN, and I can’t wait to see how they translate it from the theater to the screen. Maybe I’ll actually go to a movie theater to see it?! Who knows!

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