Friday Favorites

I’m actually writing this post a full week early, because right now I’m enjoying my much-needed vacation at Myrtle Beach! It was a lot of work getting a full week of posts up and ready to post ahead of time, but worth it to be able to fully unplug and not have to worry while I’m away. I spend a lot of my weekend time on the blog, so actual, real time off is rare! As you can see, Simba also wanted to take a beach trip but was forced to stay home.

Simba, an orange fluffy cat, is laying in the top half of an open suitcase. In the bottom half is a pair of sandals and a large straw tote bag.

That means that my favorites this week might be a little bit dated, but are still worth sharing.

Andrew Rannells Cameo Experience

I love this piece from Andrew Rannells – it starts off as a seemingly fluff piece about being on the app/platform Cameo, but turns into a really touching introspective, reflective piece on life during the pandemic. I think it’s something that we can all relate to, in one way or another. Being able to acknowledge that you’re not ok, or sad, or upset can be incredibly powerful.

Leakproof Travel Containers

I picked these up from Amazon because I needed something that would arrive ASAP, and I was pleasantly surprised! They have an extra little flap in the lid that makes them extra leakproof, which I really appreciate. And the plastic container they come in is TSA-approved.

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Oh, I definitely have been falling into this “revenge bedtime procrastination” sometimes recently! I’m hoping that I can try to add some of these tips into my own life so I can kick this bad habit.

Easy Foundation Stick

I always thought a cream foundation stick would be either too heavy or too hard to blend, but this one is surprisingly neither of those things! It blends super easily, and if you apply it with a light hand, you can definitely get light/medium coverage (though it’s also super buildable if you want something more full coverage). I’m definitely adding it to my rotation.

Making Restaurants Accessible

A wholehearted YES to everything in this article! I’m so glad that restaurants were able to pivot during the pandemic to keep their doors open – I love dining out, and I love more outdoor dining spaces. But I do wish that some of that enthusiastic energy could be used to make restaurants more accessible now!

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